Lost with no Internet? Let Trip Barker show you the way home!

Trip Barker is not only for phones with mobile Internet connections. Registered Trip Barker users can avail of its SMS-based Trip Planner Service. To use this members-only feature users have to:

  1. Register with Trip Barker and enlist your Mobile Phone Number. Only registered phone numbers can do an Trip Plan request via SMS.
  2. To get a Trip Plan, send an SMS to +63 943 453 5904 in the following format: [ORIGIN] | [DESTINATION]. For example, to find out how to get from SM Mall of Asia to Eastwood Cyberpark you could type: sm mall of asia | eastwood avenue
  3. Within a few seconds, Trip Barker will reply to you with one or more SMS messages outlining the route you need to take!

sms-shotThis SMS Trip Planing Service is designed to be an ’emergency’ option for Trip Barker commuters who are in need of assistance in their commute but have no other means of accessing Trip Barker. Future expansion of this service includes text announcements from Trip Barker partners and sponsors as well as queries for other information such as Traffic or Weather updates.

Join the Trip Barker Commuter Community Today and help make commuting FUN!


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